about me

i’ve always loved taking pictures, and started to take it more seriously when i tried my first slr at the age of 17. around 10 years ago i began to have work published in magazines, and colleagues in the design industry started commissioning my work. with over 17 years’ experience as a designer, my visual awareness and sense of composition were invaluable when i became a full-time professional photographer in 2009. 

i’m extremely passionate about what i do, always willing to take on new challenges to fulfil my clients’ briefs. i divide my time between my favourite cities of bath and london, and my home in worcestershire.

every day brings new inspiration and another wonderful subject to capture...


my clients include:                      recent print publications:

pop pr, london                           the times magazine

institute for fiscal studies, london     the bristol magazine  

fashion capital, london                  the stage

n&s gaia, new delhi, india               bath life magazine

milsom place, bath                       bath chronicle

hancock communications, bath             photography monthly

julian house                             amateur photographer

barratt homes                            the bath magazine

bitmap books                             se marier.ch, switzerland

iconsult software

the house, bath

linden homes

david wilson homes

carole waller, bath

claude hooper interiors


+44 (0)7715 372037



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